Christmas Wrapping: My First Gig as a Singer!

So last night I had a weak moment. After several months of feeling rather bitter and angry about how someone had treated me, I made the fatal error of ranting about the situation to my Blog followers in the most epic post one could ever write. It’s probably trending on Twitter such was the scale of the woe and misery. Sometimes, you need to vent, but the next morning, I quickly made that post private and still remain in a cringe like state! I apologise if you read it, no one deserved that on a Wednesday night.

But I thought, let’s put the whole thing behind me immediately and try to regain some credibility on here so I’m back again to tell you about the past couple of weeks, which have in reality been rather awesome!

Several months ago I joined a covers band. In my earlier posts I suggested that when you try and settle into a new area it’s a good idea to take up old hobbies you had when you were younger that you loved. When I was younger, I played the piano. I wasn’t the most confident of pianists; for my first performance when I was 10 or so, I got up in front of my school to play a song on the piano, but was so terrified I insisted on playing with a giant privacy screen in front of me so I couldn’t see the audience! What a concert that must have been for my friends, peoples’ thoughts must have been along the lines of ‘I can hear the sound of a piano being played rather amateurish somewhere in this room, but I can’t quite figure out where it is coming from!’

My love of music continued for years afterwards, I used to have a piano lesson every Sunday after Church with the organist. I hated it at the time: ‘No I don’t want to go to boring Church and play the boring piano with Colin!’ was the sort of thing you would often hear coming from our house every Sunday morning. What a delightful child I was.

Anyway, my lessons continued right up until my mid teens, when I promptly became a sulky teenager and decided I didn’t need any sort of hobby or interest except listening to the Top 40 on my cassette player in my room and reading unhealthy quantities of Sweet Valley High books.

The piano playing didn’t again resurface until I was in my first year of University when I decided I wanted to get some lessons in an attempt to return to my glory days. My piano teacher was the first Transexual I had ever met so was quite an interesting experience. I heard through rumours that the University used to have a Male music teacher but then he disappeared for several months and returned with long hair and some exceptionally short skirts. She was a fantastic teacher but I just couldn’t be bothered to practice and I felt uncomfortable around the length of her skirts. 15 years on I’ve still held onto some sheet music which I’ve always meant to return and I sometimes think about how nice it would be for her to receive it randomly in the post one day, I’m going to do it this year for Christmas as a good deed.

Again, didn’t touch a piano again until I actually relocated up to Teesside when I was in my mid twenties and I joined a local band. It was through them I actually met my now ex-fiancé but that’s a different story altogether; we’ll save that story for another time as it’s a bit depressing. Following this I had a few years music free then by chance got talking to a friend of a friend at a house party and ended up joining a covers band they had formed earlier in the year. The band consists of 4 guys on drums, lead guitar, bass and rhythm guitar/ singer. I joined to play keyboards and to sing as well. I had never sung by myself in my previous band, I had done backing vocals. I wasn’t even sure I could actually sing! But I practiced with them and did a little audition. Afterwards, they said ‘so we’ll see you next week then?’. ‘But don’t you want to discuss it as a band first and have a meeting about it or something?!’. ‘ Nah, you’re alright!’. So it looked like I was now in the band. I assumed I must have sung reasonably well as I had never actually heard myself sing up to this point. Actually, technically speaking that’s not true; I recorded myself singing along to Sugababes when I was 15 and played it back to myself to see if I sung like Keisha, but I didn’t. Then the tape got mixed up with some other tapes and there was an embarrassing night when I was sat with my brothers friends and he decided to put some music on…

So since the initial ‘audition’, every Sunday night from 6pm until 8pm I have been practicing with the band and I have absolutely loved it. I stopped watching TV to practice most nights. I learnt the full rap to ‘Christmas Wrapping’ by the Waitresses when on a double decker bus in London returning back to Heathrow after a trip to London for work. I channelled all my energy into it and it was great to be so fully immersed in something.

And finally, a few weekends ago I had my first gig as an actual singer (well I sang 2 and a quarter songs in the set and played keyboards for the rest). I was so nervous I didn’t sleep the night before. I took a half day to practice and make a cheesecake for cheesecake club at work (again, another story but it’s basically a secret organisation build for the purposes of enjoying a themed cheesecake on a monthly basis). The evening came and I got up on that stage and my mind went blank, I couldn’t hear myself play and I smudged my lipstick around my face from singing to close to the microphone, but I DID IT! Most of the people in the pub were up dancing, and when hearing recordings back I found that I actually had a nice singing voice. I couldn’t believe it. I was so euphoric afterwards, I ended up going out to celebrate until 4am in the morning and didn’t awake until 2pm the following day probably due to also catching up from the weeks sleep deprivation.

A job well done. It goes to show that no matter what negativity has happened in your life, if you channel your energy into something positive, there is no limit to what you can acheive. Yes sometimes I still get upset, but I’m upset in a f*ck*ng band – yeah!

Next time, I will speak of my gig upon a replica of the HMS Endeavour, (Captain Cook’s boat for those not familiar with maritime history) but before I go and to set the scene for my night at sea here’s a joke for your reading pleasure…

‘What’s a Pirates favourite letter?’


‘No, that’s where you’re wrong…it’s the C!’

Happy Christmas Wrapping, I hope you liked my post 🙂




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