The Karate Kid and Christmas Jumper Day!

So this week I have been pretending to be the Karate Kid every morning from approximately 6.45am to 7.30am. And all in the name of vanity. My hairdresser I suggested I put a hairband over my head every morning to hold my new fringe in place and this has the added benefit of turning me into a rather amusing martial arts expert for the 45 minutes that I’m wearing it. I jump kick off the sofas and everything. Christmas is making me incredibly silly…

So today was a good day, we all wore Christmas jumpers to work. I’m starting to feel just a little bit festive now….but what we all agreed during a coffee today is that Christmas can actually be one of the loneliest times of the year, whether you are single or in a relationship or marriage. One of my work friends hit the nail on the head when they tried to explain why they thought this was the case:

‘It’s because everyone compares themselves to other people at Christmas; they believe everyone is having much more fun than them.’

I think she has a point. If you ask the average person to picture Christmas, you imagine a happy family scene with everybody laughing and joking and having much more fun than you. You imagine big groups of friends sharing champagne bottles on Christmas Eve and thriving on each other’s company.

The reality is, by the time that Christmas arrives, most people are too exhausted to enjoy it and are not in the mood for being sociable or having any sort of fun at all. Us independent types are suddenly shoe-horned into a situation where we are in close proximity of immediate family members for an unhealthy period of time and any attempt of leaving the house to get some space are met with questions, ‘When will you be back?’, ‘What do you want for lunch/dinner’. ‘Do you want to take your shoes upstairs?’

‘No I do not want to take my shoes upstairs!’ ‘My shoes belong by the door, ready for when I decide to leave the premises again!’. And so on and so on.

People in relationships are forced to spend time with their other halves’ families; a time where you are constantly on your best behaviour, forcing smiles and pretending to like people. It’s utter hell.

The only way to cope with all the false merriment is to drink, which is counterproductive and makes us all more depressed!

Anyway enough complaining about Christmas, after work I went to the Hair Salon and had a lovely relaxing time and feel a lot better with a new colour and look. My new hairdresser doesn’t ask me if I’m going out afterwards or where I’m going on holiday next year. She’s intelligent and thoughtful and therefore a keeper in my book. We were discussing our families and my return to internet dating. She suggests I go for older men as my previous choices have shown clear signs of being far too immature for me. As a consequence of our discussion I change my profile as soon as I got in and immediately across some lovely gentlemen, she is clearly also wise. I may actually have to attend the hairdressers more than every 6 months now to get some more advice, she was brilliant!

I love how Hairdressers always appear so carefree and without stress. They always seem to take life in their stride with no uncertainty or doubt. And they are always smiling. Their job is essentially making people feel better so no wonder they are so happy!

Tomorrow I’ve booked in for a massage and then Christmas shopping. At this time of year I always pretend my credit card is free money because it makes me feel better, whether I’m single or not at Christmas, I too always feel incredible loneliness so I’m taking steps to minimise it’s negative impact on me this year.

I’m going to force myself to wake early and make the most of the day and I’m looking forward to catching up with my good friend Jayne. She is one of the wisest people I know, in fact, when faced with uncertainly I always ask myself ‘What Would Jayne Do?’ and more often than not I consequently make the right decision. Then it’s off to a house party, where I can be at my socially awkward best.

Now off to watch a bit of TV and unwind with my Christmas lights on. I think we can all agree the build up is considerably better than the actual event.

Bye for now.




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