Secret Santa and A Periodic Table Quiz: The Works Christmas Party!

So, I work as a Scientist and as a sweeping generalisation we in the Scientific industry can sometimes be an awkward bunch socially so social occasions are not our speciality. Picture the cast from Big Bang Theory but a tad more eccentric and probably less funny (well WE think we’re funny and that’s all that matters!) and that can give you a flavour of what we tend to be like as a community of people.

The Big Bang Theory; based on real people
The Big Bang Theory; based on real people

We do however socialise a number of times during the year and as long as no other personality types (aka Non Scientists) are in attendance we have a lot of fun and my colleagues are a fantastic bunch of people to go drinking with! For this years Christmas party we went to the local Toby Carvery, which specialises in giant roast dinners and I’d already consumed a few glasses of wine before I arrived so was in good spirits (well I was later on anyway – get it?!). Told you we weren’t funny. A delicious three course meal was followed by our first year of holding Secret Santa (maximum spend £5). I’d bought a ‘build your own’ robot for the person I was partnered with. I’m certain there were actual tears of joy when he opened his present and I’ve heard it was fully constructed in less than 24 hours following the event! My other colleague wore a Christmas pudding hat the entire evening that he’d got as a present even though the heating was on full blast in the pub making the temperature unbearable (to the extent the pub gave us free soft drinks for the evening!). Our actual Secret Santa (our very own bearded lady) moved quickly & silently between the 30 odd of us taking part, handing out a large variety of presents. My personal favourite (which was a bit unusual to say the least) was an egg carton in which the eggs inside had been drained leaving just the shells behind and instead filled with Ferrero Rocher. Why anyone would decide this was an appropriate gift I shall never understand, but it was still a genius idea! Someone had bought me some glow in the dark science putty and I was thrilled; it will keep me entertained for most of 2015. My friends had arranged the best quiz ever for us after dinner. My favourite part (as there were several rounds) was the Periodic Table Quiz.

Who knew the Periodic Table could be the source of so much fun!
Who knew the Periodic Table could be the source of so much fun!

It consisted of a series of questions where the answers had to be spelt with elements of the periodic table. Quizmaster: ‘What’s our favourite drink?’ Me: ‘Wine! ….W (Tungsten) I (Iodine) Ne (Neon)’ Quizmaster: ‘You Win…AT LIFE!’ Yes I do…I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Another fantastic night with my brilliant, quirky, sciencey Friends! Merry Christmas 🙂 Claire x



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