I’m going to tell you want you want to hear today. Possibly.

Dear Dream Reader,

Yes you. You with the curious glazed expression on your face. I bet you’ve skim read a lot of posts on here haven’t you? I know I have. Some have some rather delightful pictures of cats in them. Some claim to be ‘fashion bloggers’ yet have not dressed appropriately for the role in question (I try not to judge). 

But now you’re thinking I’ve been too arrogant in my assumptions about you. Perhaps you happen to quite like the way those ladies dress. You’re not a ‘cat person’. I’ve got this all wrong haven’t I?!…

PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!! I can change! 

Still not convinced? Here….take a look at my progress – look at that positive correlation!:

Graph 1 showing rate of blog improvement since Q4 2014

Agreed, there were some awkward times to being with. A few posts that should have never happened. But as you can see from the graph above, things can only get better…

‘Meh’ has is fast become ‘A-Meh-zing’! ‘Please stop’ has become ‘Please NEVER stop writing, I  simply cannot wait for another post!’ ‘Mediocre’ has become er, ‘Ocre!’ 

I really reeeeaaaalllly hope I have convinced you give me another chance. If not, I’ve heard there are some excellent cat photos on here 😉





PS Like and Share if You Care 🙂




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