Parkrun Parkrun Parkrun Fun. Part 1.

Well Good Morning observers and purveyors of Blogs!

So this morning begins the start of my ParkRun 50 Challenge: my (most likely fruitless) attempt to get 50 ParkRuns under my belt. Because you get a free T shirt! 

For those who don’t know what ParkRun is, it’s a global event where at a designated day and time every week (normally 9am in the UK on a Saturday) a free timed 5km run is held at a local park. You simply register at the ParkRun website, download your personalised barcode to record your time and you get your result texted or emailed to you afterwards. 

Parkrun Logo

 It’s a brilliantly simple concept and they are a something of a phenomenon in that they have got masses of people interested in running. Every Saturday on Facebook dozens of my friends post our favourite ParkRun in-joke at approximately 8.15am:


Don’t Forget Your Barcode!!!!

 This is because if you do, there’s no time for you.


So I thought I’d try to capture ‘a morning in the life of a reluctant parkrunner’ because although I enjoy doing them, I only enjoy them retrospectively. Which means that right now I’m not particularly happy about it.

I’ve been up since 6.30am in order to feel less ill running at 9am in the morning, because I’m the world’s worst morning person. I will literally be dragging myself around the course this morning and will be muttering expletives under my breath as I do it.

‘Why put yourself through this?!’ you might be asking.

Well, the thing with ParkRuns is that they are rather competitive. If you aren’t competing with other runners on the course, you are competing with your previous personal best time. Mine is 26.25, last achieved early 2014 and I’ve got progressively slower since then. I am DETERMINED however to beat this time before the end of March this year. 

So, I’ve been training in order to get faster and today is almost an early gauge to whether I’m getting back to my former glory days. 

I’m already had my staple running breakfast (Weetabix with a banana) and a massive cup of tea to give me the caffeine kick needed to get round without crying/collapsing. 

Massive Cup of Tea

 8am: I still feel sick. I need another cup of tea. It’s cold out there. 

See you on the other side…(will report back afterwards for part 2).

Coming soon…where did I run?! Did I survive?! Did I beat my time?! WHO KNOWS!!!!


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