Parkrun Parkrun Parkrun Fun. Part 2. The Aftermath.

So I’m back, I Parkrunned and most importantly I SURVIVED! This is blog is a few days late, sorry about that. I have no excuse other than I’ve rather got into reading my new book ‘The Miniaturist’ (it is number one on the Sunday Times fiction list don’t you know!)

So I arrived in plenty of time Saturday morning (after my 6.30am start) at Albert Park, Middlesbrough. This is my favourite Parkrun. This is because it’s always bustling and it’s a good flat course (I don’t do hills). 

It was an icy morning, a slippery path. This is not a good sign. I’m nervous. I don’t even know why I’m nervous!

I see some of my friends and say hello. Everyone is smiling and chatty. I start to relax. Despite the icy paths, the sun is shining bright and orange in my eyes. A group of us decide to ‘plank’ for an impromptu Facebook photo (I’m in a plank challenge group. We plank every day. I cannot explain why we do this except it’s been going on for a year now and it’s no showing any signs of ending). 

We love planking. I’m on the left.

 They (the Parkrun volunteers) make the weekly announcements. One of my friends has completed 100 ParkRuns! That’s pretty much 100% ParkRun attendance for 2 years! An unbelievable effort. My tally currently stands at 14, but I’m aiming this year for 50.

We then line up, everyone is still chatting away. I run into few people I’ve not seen in a while. They then blow a horn and we all set off. I’m still talking until I get out of breath and concentrate on running instead. I decide on a new strategy today; no listening to music until the last lap so I can concentrate on my breathing. I tend to get really out of breath then have to stop and walk for a bit so this should hopefully put a stop to that. My strategy works! I don’t stop once.

For the last mile, I manage to catch up my friends boyfriend,

Me: ‘Sorry If I don’t talk to you!’

Paul: ‘OK!’ 

Me during the Parkrun. I’m on the right.

 I manage a sprint finish then do my customary collapse at the finish. I DID IT! I’m buzzing afterwards and want to talk to everyone. I cheer on the remaining finishers and log my time. We go for a cup of tea and stay for a long chat afterwards with a few of my friends. We conclude, as per usual that it was worth going and we really enjoyed it. 

So there you have it. To conclude, Parkrun is fun. There is talking, more talking, a bit of a run then a cup of tea with some more talking. What more could you want! And you always feel better afterwards, no matter how nervous or grumpy you feel before it starts. Compare this post with Parkrun Part 1 to see the difference! And this is exactly why every Saturday morning up and down the UK, thousands of people get up early and trudge down to their local park.

Why don’t you visit and see if there is one in your local area, they are all over the world! Some of my friends have even attended when on holiday in the US. 

Please like and share if you care 🙂 or why don’t you post of comment if you find and/or attend a Parkrun near where you live?





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