Misadventures In Miscellany



Misadventures In Miscellany are the latests exploits and general shenanigans of Claire. She is 32, originally from London but now resides in place that goes by the name of Teesside (in the North East of England). It is home to a rather large chemical industry,  UK High Street of the Year (Yarm, 2013 – Champions!) and where the ‘Parmo’ is the culinary delicacy of choice. When I first arrived at Eaglescliffe train station back in 2006, someone had kindly spray painted ‘Welcome To Hell’ on the platform where I’d stepped off the train and I knew that very moment I would make this place home. And for 8 years now I have, I’ve settled in rather well & I love it here!

My blog is simply my own unique take on the world; I may have a chemistry degree (I work as a scientist) but I also possess a poetic licence! My general rule of thumb is the quirkier the better…

My motivation for starting this blog was intially to share my experiences of ‘starting fresh’ and relocating to a new area. What I’ve learnt since starting my blog however, is that I much prefer simply entertaining and inspiring people through my ideas and observations about things, making them chuckle, even if it’s just because of how bad my jokes are. I’m also looking for some audience participation; do you have any suggestions for things to add to my ‘top tip’ lists or any of your own experiences that you’d like me to reblog?

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6 thoughts on “Misadventures In Miscellany

  1. Wonder full, impressive & interesting are three words came first in my mind, while visiting your blog!!!!!!!
    It gives me immense pleasure to know that such a wonderful blogger like you joins Blogging U!
    Like you, I too enrolled for it, so, I hope like minded person like you will minimize the burden of learning & writing by your humorous & hilarious posts.
    Wish you all the best for blog as well as life………

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  2. Hi Claire!
    I have found you through being your classmate in the Blogging 101 course. You certainly had me chuckling as I read your “About Me” page. Best of luck to you! I would love to read a post as to why “Welcome to Hell” intrigued you and made you now this would be your new home. I was smiling while reading that. It seems like that might be a very interesting post. Let me know what you think.
    All the best and Happy 2015!

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    1. Hi Kalyssa,
      Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated. I really like the suggestion about the post (I shall in fact call it Welcome to Hell!) so will give it a go!
      I’ve had a look at your post think it’s really good, I admire your honesty, I cannot believe you are only 22…you are wise and articulate beyond your years! One piece of feedback I would perhaps consider is you might want to think about shortening the post slightly and keep the focus on the key messages you wish to communicate. A wonderful piece of writing, very best of luck in your blogging 🙂


      1. Hi!
        I really appreciate your feedback as well and completely agree with you! I will work on shortening them and sticking to the key message.
        I am pleased you like “Welcome to Hell!” and I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  3. Thanks for the follow. A someone else also transplanted from London (Camden Town) to rural Norfolk, I hope that your move is as worthwhile as mine. Not quite so sure about Teesside though!
    Best wishes, and enjoy your blog. Pete.

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