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Why One Should Always Run

I’m currently psyching myself up to go running. I never ever feel like running. Ever. Sometimes I get out of going by ‘just having a quick lie down’ when I get in … Continue reading

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FEXIT (Part 1): A Review of Noteworthy Facebook Achievements To Date

So last month I left made the decision to leave Facebook. Well, it wasn’t an immediate knee jerk departure, more a slow burn that had been building up over several … Continue reading

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Somewhere I Used To Know

Ever revisited a place where you used to live a long time ago? What motivates you to undertake on such a visit? What do you hope it will achieve? Will … Continue reading

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Alice on Wednesday! Tokyo Rose Part 2: The Japanese Concept Store

  On the last day of my travels in Japan, I jumped on a train from Kyoto Station to the nearby city of Osaka (a 30 minute train ride) not … Continue reading


Cats on Sushi! Tokyo Rose Part 1: The Weird and Wonderful World of Japanese Toy Vending Machines

Well A BIG HELLO To Everyone! And a special hello to the patient individuals who are still following my blog after all this time! It’s been a while. Unfortunately I … Continue reading

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Parkrun Parkrun Parkrun Fun. Part 2. The Aftermath.

So I’m back, I Parkrunned and most importantly I SURVIVED! This is blog is a few days late, sorry about that. I have no excuse other than I’ve rather got … Continue reading

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Parkrun Parkrun Parkrun Fun. Part 1.

Well Good Morning observers and purveyors of Blogs! So this morning begins the start of my ParkRun 50 Challenge: my (most likely fruitless) attempt to get 50 ParkRuns under my … Continue reading

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I’m going to tell you want you want to hear today. Possibly.

Dear Dream Reader, Yes you. You with the curious glazed expression on your face. I bet you’ve skim read a lot of posts on here haven’t you? I know I … Continue reading

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Budgeting Special: Read Your January Bank Statement – Without the Tears!

  So here we are! Yes another year, one whole year after 2014, only ten to go until 2025. Crazy times. Traditionally, one uses the month of January to write … Continue reading

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Back to Work Already?! Don’t Despair! Top Tips for Surviving the Workplace over the Festive Period

  Did you leave the house this morning under the cover of darkness, scrape an inch thick layer of ice from your car (last used on or around the 19th … Continue reading

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Chas & Dave Monopoly: The Best Things about Christmas! (Part 1)

You may not think the music of Chas & Dave go hand in hand with a game of Monopoly but rest assured, once you’ve tried it, you will never go … Continue reading

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A Christmas World of Pain: The Loftus Poultry Run

Something you should probably know about me is I do a LOT of running. I started a few years ago, not for your usual weight loss reasons, but to improve … Continue reading

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