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Chas & Dave Monopoly: The Best Things about Christmas! (Part 1)

You may not think the music of Chas & Dave go hand in hand with a game of Monopoly but rest assured, once you’ve tried it, you will never go … Continue reading

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A Christmas World of Pain: The Loftus Poultry Run

Something you should probably know about me is I do a LOT of running. I started a few years ago, not for your usual weight loss reasons, but to improve … Continue reading

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My Mum loves stealing my Tesco Clubcard Points at Christmas

Tesco Loyalty points are like gold dust to my Mum. I’ve lost my card and she is thrilled about it! Every time we get to the checkout at the supermarket … Continue reading

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Secret Santa and A Periodic Table Quiz: The Works Christmas Party!

So, I work as a Scientist and as a sweeping generalisation we in the Scientific industry can sometimes be an awkward bunch socially so social occasions are not our speciality. … Continue reading

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Cat Pin-ups for 2015….my descent into Christmas Calendar hell

So Thursday night I frantically had to design a calendar for my Brother’s girlfriend. It all started when I asked him what she would like for Christmas… ‘Does she like … Continue reading

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Dinner at The Waiting Room and The Ongoing Tipping Debate

So tonight I went for dinner at a lovely restaurant near my house called ‘The Waiting Room’ in Eaglescliffe. It vegetarian, but don’t let that put you off; it’s been … Continue reading

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5km run with Joseph (minus Mary): A Weekend Review

So following on from getting new hair Friday, I treated myself to a discount massage on Saturday lunchtime then had a lazy afternoon half watching old Christmas films whilst doing … Continue reading

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The Karate Kid and Christmas Jumper Day!

So this week I have been pretending to be the Karate Kid every morning from approximately 6.45am to 7.30am. And all in the name of vanity. My hairdresser I suggested … Continue reading

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Christmas Wrapping: My First Gig as a Singer!

So last night I had a weak moment. After several months of feeling rather bitter and angry about how someone had treated me, I made the fatal error of ranting … Continue reading

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Personal Space Invaders: My Guide to Housemates (Part 1)

I live alone. I did have a cat (Rudy RIP) but he’s now buried in the garden accompanied by a slate memorial inscribed ‘A Message To You Rudy, Lived Fast … Continue reading

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